Voyna - Turn based online multiplayer battle strategy

Virtual Holy Wars

In a world where advanced AIs fight in Virtual Holy Wars, you are sent to the one place they cannot go - the real world - to find the key to the missing knowledge they need to finally take control.

Voyna is a story-driven multiplayer strategy game with original mechanics that flips The Matrix, Tron and other sci-fi classics upside down by sending the player to fight in the real world as part of an ongoing series of Virtual Holy Wars between rival AIs.

Summoned to fight in the war to retrieve the artefact of the ultimate power, literary the key to power called Clootch, you guide your clan of Voyo-vneek in battles against other clans in multiplayer PvP battles. The Chterey companions aid you with powerful skills that posses the power to break the rules of Voyna, and to bring you the ultimate victory, the Vuad-zha

The distant future. Scattered fragments of an ancient Artificial Intelligence fight with each other to obtain the key to the missing knowledge that will allow them to extend their will over all living things. The one thing they all agree on is that the key is hidden somewhere the AIs cannot go: the real world.

Dispatched as a warrior-emissary of one such AI fragment, the player must fight in strategic multiplayer battle arenas to gain experience, new skills and new warrior types in a race to the knowledge that will change everything.

Along the way, they will be forced to make choices between different characters, abilities and philosophies of power. Will they dominate through strength, through knowledge, by dividing their enemies… or uniting with them?

Featuring original game mechanics and informed by genuine research into the psychological dynamics of power, Voyna is a test of strategy, intellect and personality unlike any other.

"Battle not with monsters lest you become one. "  
Friedrich Nietzsche

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