The origins

A story of a Neanderthal woman in the stone age as she tries to find her way home after a hunting accident separates her from the rest of her tribe. Her first challenge is to stay alive in a hostile world but, her story progresses, she begins to discover prehistoric symbols written in the rock, and her ability to decipher this first human language soon becomes key to her survival.

I Mother is a game without words that explores the genesis of written language. It touches on the reasons for the evolutionary triumph of Homo Sapiens, the extinction of the Neanderthals and tells a personal story of triumph over adversity that might explain the reason why, to this day, roughly 4% of our DNA is Neanderthal in origin…

The language

The game does not use any words nor language except for the title and a brief introduction to set the scene. Everything in the game, from the menus to the game interface, is based on archaeological finds ranging from 35,000 BCE to 10,000 BCE.

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world"  
Ludwig Wittgenstein


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