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NeuroMarketing driven creative agency from Tokyo, Japan.

Applied neuro science for games and brands

We bring products and
customers together
with emotions

Insight powered strategies

We employ behavioural research, psychology and neuroscience to measure human emotions and deliver truly engaging experiences.

Neuroscience is the key to the users's hearts. It can make a difference in understanding what your users or players really want and feel.

Neuro research

Neuroscience is a scientific study that focuses on the brain and its impact on behaviour, cognitive functions and emotions.

Extracting emotions from EEG signals, metaphor elicitation techniques, all of it combined with behavioural economics are the emerginf tools of the future and can tell us what the consumer really feels.
People react to, or remember only 10% of your message. They will only remember your call to action if it is emotionally relevant. We measure the brains EEG to detect what attracts attention and what keeps users engaged. Ultimately what will stay in their memories.

Why HellYeah!?

Our mission mission is to develop robust and honest tools, methodologies and products to understand human emotions and help develop better virtual experiences.

Our unique emotional testing tools, based on decades of neuroscientific research and expertise in strategy development, mean that we are the leading choice to develop meaningful and impactful results.