We bring brands and
customers together
with emotions

Psychology and Insights

Authenticity and emotional connection are critical in building meaningful relationships based on trust and intimacy. In times when emotions act currency, the real power of your brand is truth and respect.

With psychology and research into human behaviour specific to each product, service or brand, we deliver solutions for communications, media strategies and more. Those solutions aim is to trigger positive emotions in customers in order to build long term relationships with brands.

Applied neuroscience is the use of neuroscience tools and insights to measure and understand human behavior. Capturing real data on decision making as it relates to a given situation is a key benefit of Neuromarketing. In result, brands are able to access data about critical moments of decision making and make choices with great confidence.

For that reason we are conducting research and build creative strategies for brands, using Psychology and Neuromarketing to appeal to customer’s emotions. Our in depth knowledge of culture and human behaviour, gives us a unique angle to deliver authentic solutions for our clients and build long term relationships.

How do we do it

We bring brands to life with behavioural research, exciting creative ideas and memorable executions.

Whether you are defining the business problem or seeking new solutions for existing audiences we can help you make confident decisions.


User behaviour
Existing cultural attitudes
Branded perception
Competitive analysis
Focus groups

Creative Strategy

Big idea
Target audience
Rules for communication
Tone of voice
Channels strategy
Art direction

Execution & Marketing

Media plan
Social media
Video production

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Living in the future

HellYeah! Labs is a proactive innitiative to develop new models of thinking while letting the creativity go wild.
Combining technology and creativity gives us an opoprtunity to develop truly innovative and interdisciplinary solutions. And above all, an opportunity to shape the future.


Memory improvement training based on the science behind the mystical number 7. Expands and tracks your memory capabilities, while training yourself to memorise spontaneously.

Baba Yaga

VR LBE (Location Based Experience) exploring collaboration and team building by using Virtual Reality and real-time brain activity.


XXI century textbook that adapts itself to the student's progress, and delivers immersive real-life cultural experience based on storytelling.

The Brain

We are a new breed of creative thinking cut for XXI century: a network of people spread out over the whole planet - UK, Poland, New Zealand and of course Japan. The company is managed by The Brain that consist fo two hemispheres:

Adam Buczek


Creative Leader

Over his 17 years of career in advertising and technolgy he has directed over two thousands projects for over 50 markets. As an EMEA Creative Technology Lead for Xbox at Microsoft, he played a key role in growing the business to become a multimillion-dollar international operation. He's also a published author and film director.

Kazuki "Kaz" Sato


Inspiration Strategist

The left brain of creativity. With over 15 years of experience in advertising as client service and strategic planning roles for Beacon, Hakuhodo, JWT, he ensures that creativity benefits brands. He’s also a Japanese government certified business consultant, which puts him on a relentless pursuit for business inspirations.

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