Our technology

Emotions do not go up and down, they actually go in 4 different directions

BrainScoop is a revolutionary neurotechnology that has been developed based on decades of neuro research into emotion elicitation. Combined with psychological-emotional models, we can map human emotions onto a circumplex model of emotion. Developed in 1980 by James Russel is one of the most comprehensive yet simple to understand models of human emotions.

How does it work

Our software detects nuances of human emotions from EEG signals, and through extensive analysis, we are able to detect precisely emotional reactions to visual, olfactory, taste or audio stimuli.

Brain scan

First, we record the brain activity with EEG device while the subject is performing a task such as watching content, tasting, smelling or interacting with a product.


The entire EEG data set from all the users is automatically processed using our bespoke algorithms as well as Machine Learning classification.


After the data has been interpreted, a comprehensive report is produced explaining what the audience felt and how they have responded. It includes demographic data as well as detailed brain activity analysis.


Our report is very easy to understand. However, acting on it, may not be that easy for those with little knowledge of psychology or human emotions. Therefore can provide you with a strategy and direction for your executions, designs, marketing or product based on the results.

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What does it do

Advertisement effectiveness

Asses the emotional impact of your communication in pre and post-production. Our comprehensive report gives you an in-depth insight into your audience's emotional engagement with every second of your ad.

Product development

Measure contextual and direct perception of your product to encourage positive emotional engagement and increase purchase desire. Is it a new fragrance or taste we are able to pinpoint which one is most likely to become a hit.

Brand positioning

Find the right fit for your brand communication with our combination of behavioural psychology and neuro research. Visual contexts, emotional triggers, tone of voice and audience preferences are measured to give you the right insight into building your brand in a new market or from scratch.

Business analysis

Discover what your employees or customers feel about your business. Tap into subconscious business decisions and learn how to improve your office space or customer service.

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