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We are a creative agency that brings the feel-good factor and a new creative value into Japanese market.

If content is king, what is good content then?

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is a new breed of creative thinking cut for XXI century. We are a network of people spread out over the whole planet. This is our core team.

Adam Buczek

Creative Leader

With over 15 years of experience. Worked for most of the global brands and directed hundreds of projects for over 50 countries. As an EMEA Creative Technology Lead for Xbox at Microsoft, he played a key role in growing the business to become a multimillion-dollar international operation.

Sébastien Moncus

Relationships developer

Passionate communications professional that specializes in creating tailored solutions for global clients as well as business development for Japanese companies. Fluent in French, Japanese and English, he speaks your language.

Kazuki "Kaz" Sato

Inspiration Strategist

The left brain of creativity. With over 15 years of experience in advertising as client service and strategic planning roles, he ensures that creativity benefits brands. He’s also a Japanese government certified business consultant, which puts him on a relentless pursuit for business inspirations.

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